The Ultimate Digital Marketing Checklist for SAAS Companies

Why would we need a digital marketing plan for our SAAS product? Isn’t our great, game-changing product going to market itself? Trust me, many if not most SAAS businesses think the same way, but the truth is, only less than one percent of SAAS products out there can truly be classified as ‘game-changing’. While it’s true that the product/software itself should be the core of our marketing strategy, there are many other aspects of marketing that should be done to support it, so the product will unlock its full potential. Let’s do a quick review on the three most important...
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8 Big Digital Marketing Trends in 2020

Happy new year! With 2018 being as new as it gets, today I will share some of the new marketing trends that will emerge this year. All successful marketers have one thing in common: always preparing for the future trends. So, it can never be too early to discuss the upcoming trends, so we can prepare our strategy earlier than our competition. Without further ado, let us begin with the first one.   1. Content Marketing Yes, in 2018, content will still be king. I’m sure many of you already focused your efforts on content marketing throughout 2017. If it’s...
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Inbound Marketing Guide for SAAS Businesses

The term ‘inbound marketing’ has been the buzzword of the digital marketing world in recent years. Yet, what actually is inbound marketing? While we can use all the fancy words and technical jargons to describe inbound marketing, in its essence, inbound marketing is about using relevant and valuable contents to draw your potential customers ‘inward’. The opposite of the idea is outbound marketing which some people will address as ‘traditional’ or even ‘old-school’ marketing. Here, we go ‘outward’ to obstruct potential customers with advertising, events, and even cold calls. So, the main idea about inbound marketing is about interruption. Instead...
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7 Effective SEO Strategies for Tech Companies

While SEO is definitely important for all kinds of businesses and especially B2B companies, there are several things that make SEO for tech companies unique.   First, in the tech market, most if not all your competitors have strong online presence, and they might have done their SEO homework earlier (and better) than you. Second, the tech industry audience is also relatively unique in their technicalities. As a result, most of the tech industry professionals are looking for contents that are highly specialized and complex with a unique vocabulary.   So, SEO implementation for tech companies will need unique approaches,...
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5 Tech Startup Marketing Plan Tips for Exponential Growth

The success of a tech startup is highly dependent on its approach on marketing, simply because there are two fundamental principles: first, no matter how great your product or service is, it won’t be enough if nobody is aware of it. Second, if your product is shitty, no matter how much time or money you spent on marketing it, it won’t succeed. So, you will need the balance between the two: a great product/service and a great marketing plan. This guide will help you assess the key fundamentals of tech startup marketing plan, and what you will need to do...
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