Best B2B SEO Tools for 2021

In this guide, we are going to share the best and our most favorite B2B SEO tools available in the market. We have done the hard work to test various different SEO tools available in the market, and we’ve come up with 15 of the best B2B SEO tools for 2021. 

Without further ado, let us begin right away.

1. SEMRush

What is it: all-in-one SEO suite, also covers SEM and PPC campaigns

Price: Starting from $119.95 for its Pro plan, a free-trial available

Best B2B SEO Tools for 2021

SEMRush is widely known as one of the most powerful all-in-one SEO solutions while also offer some digital marketing features outside SEO like social media management, content marketing analytics tools, and can also help with your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns by tracking your paid keywords and also your competitors’ ad copy. 

In SEO, SEMRush offers one of the most versatile and powerful keyword research tools: tracking the keywords you currently rank for, displays your competitor’s rankings for these keywords, and suggest related keywords you might want to target. You can also use SEM rush to run a comprehensive SEO audit on your website, as well as to perform backlink analysis. 

SEMRush also frequently launches new features, the site health feature, for example, was just recently launched as a free update in early 2020. 

It’s not the cheapest tool available in the market today but is simply one of the best tools available at the moment. 

Our verdict: a really versatile tool offering all-in-one digital marketing features including paid search marketing and social media marketing tools. However, if you are doing only SEO, SEMRush might be a little too expensive. 

2. Google Search Console

What is it: a free tool from Google for analyzing your site’s organic presence and performance

Price: free

It’s hard, if not impossible to discuss B2B SEO tools without mentioning Google Search Console. After all, for most people, the primary objective of B2B SEO is to rank on Google, and so it would only make sense to use Google’s free tool that is designed to show marketers how a site appears in Google search in our arsenal. 

Google Search Console is really effective in showing queries and phrases your audience is searching to get to a website, which can provide really powerful insights into what types of content you should include and optimize on your site. 

Search Console is also really useful for performing an SEO audit and checking the overall health of your site. For example, you can check keywords/queries of which your site has high impressions but low clicks, which could translate into potential SEO opportunities. You might rank higher and generate more clicks by simply optimizing the existing content or add small updates to the content. 

Our Verdict: free, so there’s simply no reason not to use Google Search Console as a part of your B2B SEO strategy

3. Surfer

What is it: an on-site, data-driven analytics tool that can also perform automated optimizations on your site. Provides data and insights on the necessary optimizations required for your target keyword. 

Price: starting from $59/month, 7-day free trial available

Performing on-page and especially technical optimizations can often be the biggest challenge in a B2B SEO campaign, and Surfer can be an effective tool only in analyzing and suggesting the necessary on-page optimizations you should make on your site, but can also perform automatic optimizations, 

Surfer analyzes why top pages for your target keywords are currently ranking (i.e. what on-page optimizations they perform), and based on this data-driven analytics will provide suggestions on what types of content you’d need to develop to help you outrank these keywords. 

The Surfer Content Editor can also analyze the structure of your existing content, keyword usage, page load time, backlinks profile, and other metrics while comparing these metrics with the top-ranking websites for this keyword. 

Our Verdict: A really powerful and versatile tool to help with your on-page B2B SEO optimizations. Also relatively affordable. 

4. Google Analytics

What is it: another free tool from Google providing analytics on your website traffic

Price: free (custom inquiry-only Google Analytics 360 is also available)

Google Analytics is another of Google’s free solutions that track and report website traffic. By understanding the source of your website traffic and what’s driving performance, we can create a better and more efficient SEO strategy moving forward, and with Google Analytics you can understand everything from traffic source to user activity to conversion rate. 

You can easily check how your visitors found out about your website, identifying which pages your visitors click the most, different segmentations of your customers, and more. 

Our verdict: a great free tool for B2B SEO, can provide a lot of useful information on how to improve your SEO strategy. 

5. Ahrefs

What is it: all-in-one SEO tool with an emphasis on backlinks analysis

Price: starts from $99/month for the Lite version, free Ahrefs Webmaster Tools available

Ahrefs is similar to SEMRush in many ways, and we can consider the two as direct competitors. 

First, it’s important to consider that there are two versions of Ahrefs: the Ahrefs Webmaster Tools is a limited version of Ahref’s premium version, which includes basic SEO audit features like backlinks analysis, domain rating, keyword analysis, and overall SEO health. If you are not planning to invest too much in SEO tools just yet, then we’d recommend the Ahrefs Webmaster Tools as a free addition to your B2B SEO tools arsenal. 

On the other hand, the premium/paid Ahrefs version offers advanced site audit features, keyword explorer, content explorer (discover and analyze top-performing content for your target keywords and in your niche), but is widely known for its powerful backlinks analytics tool (while in comparison, SEMRush arguably has better keyword research features). 

Another important consideration when comparing Ahrefs and SEMRush is that Ahrefs has a relatively more intuitive and user-friendly interface while being relatively cheaper. 

Our verdict: Ahrefs has a very user-friendly interface with great backlink tools. However, SEMRush is better in the keyword research department. 

6. Ubersuggest 

What is it: a free keyword research and suggestion tool from Neil Patel.

Price: free

Ubersuggest is a free keyword suggestion (and keyword research) tool by the prominent marketing expert Neil Patel, which has an easy to use interface that you can use right away. As we know, targeting the right keywords by developing high-quality, relevant content should be the core aspect of any B2B SEO strategy, and this is where UberSuggest can help. 

Ubersuggest displays the probability of ranking of each target keyword, monthly search volume, cost per click (CPC) for advertising purpose, and suggest keyword ideas for free. You can easily find hundreds of short-tail and long-tail keywords with just some simple clicks. Ubersuggest essentially aggregates data from Google’s autocomplete feature, so it will provide keyword ideas similar to Google’s preferences. 

Also, with Ubersuggest you can perform backlink analysis and domain overview for both your website and your competitor’s as nice extra features. Considering Ubersuggest is totally free, there’s no reason not to use it as a part of your B2B SEO strategy. 

Our verdict: a free but very useful keyword research and suggestion tool with a very intuitive interface. Some extra features for competitive and backlink analysis. A must-use. 

7. Google Ads Keyword Planner

What is it: Google’s free tool, part of Google Ads (previously Adwords)

Price: Free

Google’s Keyword Planner is a free tool that every B2B SEO practitioners and search marketers should use in their keyword research process. Again, since for most of us our main SEO objective is to rank higher on Google, then Google’s own keyword research tool is definitely a no-brainer. 

Keyword Planner is actually a part of Google Ads, initially designed to help advertisers find their target keywords when placing ads, but we can adopt this tool as an SEO keyword research tool since the basic principles of keyword research apply to both search ads and SEO. 

With Keyword Planner you can get suggestions about what keywords to target, the volume and competitiveness of each keyword, and analyze other useful metrics related to keyword research. 

Our verdict: again, Google’s free tool, so there’s simply no reason not to use Google Keyword Planner in your keyword research. 

8. Screaming Frog

What is it: SEO spider and website crawler to help in your website audit and find possible crawl issues. 

Price: £149.00/year per license

Screaming Frog is an SEO spider, meaning it will crawl your website’s URLs to analyze key SEO elements and find potential issues related to SEO performance. 

Screaming Frog is especially useful in discovering broken links in and to your website, check your 301 and 302 redirects whether they are missing, analyze your heading tags and meta descriptions, check for blocked URLs, find duplicate pages, and other on-page optimizations-related issues. 

One of the key advantages of using Screaming Frog is that it will scale well with your website: As your website grows and as you add more content to it, the more useful Screaming Frog will be. Finding technical issues in a big website can be overwhelming due to its complexity, and this is how Screaming Frog can help. 

Our verdict: relatively expensive at a first glance, but is definitely a worthy investment to help with your SEO audit process. 

9. Moz Pro

What is it: an all-in-one SEO tool much like SEMRush and Ahrefs with generous crawl limits for bigger websites and a better tool if you plan to perform SEO for Bing and Yahoo

Price: starts from $99/month, free trial available

Moz is a robust all-in-one SEO software providing tools for backlink analysis, keyword research, domain analysis, local SEO tools, and more. Moz boasts of having the largest link index in the world, and so their backlink analysis tool is very robust and versatile. Also, Moz is the one that initially introduced the concept of Page Authority and Domain Authority, so Moz Pro is the most accurate regarding these metrics. 

At the very least, Moz Pro’s backlink analysis is on par with Ahrefs’, and choosing between the two is a matter of preference. 

Moz Pro also offers a very useful link intersect tool, which allows us to compare backlinks profile from 5 different sites at once. SEMRush and Ahrefs do offer a similar feature, but we can compare fewer sites with them.

Another important consideration for using Moz Pro over SEMRush or Ahrefs is that Moz collects data not only from Google but also from Bing and Yahoo. So, if you are planning to optimize your site for Bing, then Moz Pro is typically the better bet. 

Our verdict: a robust and versatile all-in-one SEO tool with the best link index in the industry. 

10. Serpstat

What is it: another all-in-one SEO suite, famous for its keyword analysis and keyword suggestion features. 

Pricing: starts from $69/month for the Lite plan (Standard plan is $149/month). 

Serpstat is another all-in-one SEO platform, and while it’s probably not as famous as Ahrefs, SEMRush, and Moz Pro, but it is relatively affordable with very versatile keyword analytics features. Serpstat is also currently the fastest-growing SEO tool available, relying on machine-learning with analytics data to more than 300,000 users. Meaning, the more users it have, the more powerful the analytics tool will be. 

Serpstat is really useful for finding new keywords, with very versatile filtering options. It also offers other useful SEO tools like page audit, ranking tracker, and backlink analysis. 

It is also a great tool for performing SEO competitive analysis: you can easily check which keywords your competitors are bidding on Google Ads, their top-performing content, backlink sources, and more. 

Our verdict: a cost-effective all-in-one SEO tool with really good keyword research and suggestion features. 

11. Buzzsumo

What is it: an intuitive and very easy-to-use content analysis and suggestion tool, also useful for influencer outreach purpose

Price: starts from $79/month, free trial available

Since content is the heart of any SEO campaign, including B2B SEO, BuzzSumo is a very important tool for any B2B SEO marketers, being one of the most powerful content analytics tools available in the market today. 

Buzzsumo is very simple and easy to use: just type in your keywords, and it will generate what content generates the most backlinks with the best social performance for the keyword. With this, you can easily gain valuable insights on what types of content you should publish, which target keywords are the most valuable for your niche, when to publish it, how long is the most effective length, and so on. 

BuzzSumo at the moment analyzes social share performances of more than 100 million content, and can provide really useful suggestions on how you can improve your content’s SEO performance and social shareability. 

Our verdict: a must-have if you really want to improve your content, not only to make it more SEO-friendly, but also to improve its organic and social media performance. 

12. Google Trends

What is it: as the name suggests, another free tool from Google that provides insights on what’s currently trending on Google search and previous trends

Price: free

Another free tool from Google, Google Trends will produce a simple but useful graph that shows you trends around a specific keyword or topic, and will tell you what kind of information people are looking for on Google. 

With this real-time data, you’ll get more insights on what keywords to pursue, why your target audience search for these trends, and when is the best time to cover a certain topic (which is useful for time-sensitive topics like content targeting the holiday seasons).

You can also view trends only in specific geographic locations, which can be useful for local SEO or when you are targeting a specific audience from specific location. 

Our verdict: Google Trends can significantly help in developing your content strategy, especially for time-sensitive or seasonal content. In turn, better content performance will also help your SEO performance. 

13. SpyFu

What is it: a very powerful SEO competitive analysis tool and also can help in keyword research. 

Price: starts at $33/month, free trial available

As the name SpyFu suggests, it is a tool designed to spy on your competitors’ SEO strategy, and is one of the most best-known names in SEO due to its excellent set of features, ease of use, great reporting features, and responsive customer support. 

Using SpyFu is also very easy: simply type in a domain name (URL) and you’ll get a comprehensive report on all of the keywords it ranks for, the content that ranks for these keywords, the ads they are purchasing, and the competitors for the keywords. 

You can also use SpyFu to perform a thorough keyword analysis to check the competition for the keyword: check which site buys ads for the keyword and/or already rank for it, and other important metrics. 

Remember that SEO is by nature, a competition to rank higher than competing websites, and so you’ll need a competitive analysis tool to really perform better on SEO. This is why a tool like SpyFu comes in.

Our verdict: a very versatile SEO competitive analysis tool that is also relatively affordable. 

14. SE Ranking

What is it: a versatile SEO audit tool with very powerful SERP tracking tool not only for Google but also for Yahoo, Bing, and Youtube

Price: starts from $18.6/month, the standard plan is $71/month. Free 14 days trial available 

Another all-in-one SEO tool that you can use for comprehensive site audit, keyword research, backlink analysis, on-page optimization analysis, and more. You can schedule SE ranking to perform scheduled audit and automatically generate reports. You can easily personalize your preferences in SE ranking according to your B2B business’s needs, making it a very versatile tool.

It has the highest-rated SERP tracking tool at the moment, so you’ll get very accurate keyword rank tracker with SE Ranking, not only from Google’s SERPs but also Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines including YouTube. 

What’s unique about SE ranking is its versatile pricing options. You can pay less if you only want to use SE ranking every 3 days or weekly rather than the default daily option. So, if you are not going to audit your site often, then SE ranking might be the most cost-effective option for you. 

Our verdict: a cost-effective alternative if you are looking for an all-in-one SEO tool. Has especially powerful keyword analytics and SEO audit features. 

15. Netpeak Software

What is it: 

Price: starts from just $19/month

Netpeak Software offers two cost-effective tools in one package: Netpeak Spider, which is a spider that will perform a technical audit on your site, and Netpeak Checker, which will evaluate your URL’s SEO performance based on various metrics. 

Netpeak Checker is actually a pretty powerful backlink checker, which aggregates data from various other premium services including Ahrefs, MOz, and SEMRush. So you are essentially saving a lot of money when using Netpeak, considering its pretty affordable monthly fee. 

Netpeak Spider, on the other hand, is a pretty handy SEO spider that will evaluate your page based on more than 50 on-page SEO metrics and can check for various optimization issues. 

Feature-wise, doesn’t really offer anything special, but considering its price, a great pick especially for smaller B2B business.

Our verdict: a cost-effective but pretty powerful tool that can help you in developing your B2B SEO strategy.


If you are currently looking for the best B2B SEO tools to help with your SEO campaign, then we’d recommend considering the 15 tools we’ve discussed above to improve your site’s ranking and organic traffic. 

Obviously these aren’t the only tools available on the market, but they can be a solid foundation for your B2B business that you can expand in the future. 

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